A Continuing Conversation

How can aviation safety be viewed as a continuing conversation, and not just get media attention after a crash or near miss?
Leeanna Pletcher

About Paul Miller

Captain Paul Miller has developed a unique approach to aviation safety by forecasting safety hazards. Yes, that is right, forecasting safety hazards. Most people think of safety as a study of what has already gone wrong. But SafetyForecast looks forward in time at factors that will negatively impact your business in the future. Then using this unique and very powerful forecasting tool, you will be able to develop a unique Safety Plan. That is right, a Safety Plan. Your tailored Safety Plan will reduce losses of personnel and property to well below your most extraordinary expectations. That is our guarantee. No other safety consultant uses this method and no method has ever achieved the superior results by driving the mishap rate towards zero in such a short time. SafetyForecast modest consulting fees will be recovered by your business in a short time by the reduction of just the financial and legal losses alone, losses that you do not often think about due to mishaps. No other consultant will provide a unique Safety Plan that will make your company prosper by saving lives and injuries. Additionally your company will prosper by reducing the damage and destruction of property. Try SafetyForecast and you will see for yourself how well the Safety Plan works.
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2 Responses to A Continuing Conversation

  1. Paul Miller says:

    You have one thing correct. That is that a safety plan as to be continually updated on a regular basis. It is more like a 12 month rolling plan than a January to December annual calendar plan.

  2. Paul Miller says:

    Yes, I think that this is a better public approach. Perhaps this blog and many other connections will make safety more transparent to the public and the press.

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