Expensive Investigation? Better Operating Alternatives?

What are the costs now being incurred by Brazil, France, Air France, Airbus and all other parties to the AF447 disaster? Ever thought of that? My estimation is that more than $500 million will be spent in the next 2-3 years in operations related to this mishap.

I wonder what would be the costs for Air France and other airlines of keeping the requested and cleared flight paths for scheduled flights clear of areas of massive convective thunderstorms, by using real time satellite photos, dispatch reroutes and various satellite and HF communications? By the way all of the technology is on board the airplane and in flight control dispatch offices.

6 thoughts on “Expensive Investigation? Better Operating Alternatives?

  1. Paul Miller

    There is also a component of wild life management that may not be as well run as is technically possible. Many airports may have cut ornithology staff contracts to save money in the short term, only to be paying for it in the long term with increased damage from goose strikes.

  2. Paul Miller

    On the AF safety problem horizon I would list reluctance to change and adapt operationally to serious safety hazards dead ahead. The forecast here is identifying serious flaws in AF safety policy, that is the ability to rapidly react to a safety hazard, until it becomes a mishap.

    For Plans I would suggest creation of a rapid response team to address real time safety hazards.

    What they seem to have now instead is a policy that the mishap has to occur first before the management will admit that there is a hazard.

    So in this case, AF philosophy is that the mishap caused the hazard to occur.

    They need to change that philosophy to the hazard can cause the mishap. This new philosophy will allow them to adopt a policy that hazard avoidance can improve safety.

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