Comair Layoffs

Comair Expects Furloughs of up to 100 Pilots Starting in September in Wake of Service Cuts (AP, July 9)

Comair expects to furlough up to 100 additional pilots between September and the end of the year in the wake Delta’s decision to make service cuts.
The airline placed 295 pilots on furlough in October.
A Comair spokeswoman said Thursday that the regional airline is working with ALPA to explore ways to lessen the impact. She says the number of furloughs could be reduced through voluntary options.
The pilots union says the company has indicated those options could include unpaid leaves, early buyouts or reduced work schedules.

Comair employs about 1,380 pilots.

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  1. Paul Miller

    Question: How can the FAA maintain a policy of "One Level of Safety" in all commercial operations, if they allow and approve of many different levels of training?

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