Why Did 44 Die in Russian TU 134 crash near Petrozavodsk

Again, why? Fog does not cause a plane to crash. If a plane is in fog and not able to descend to the runway, the procedure is for the crew to execute a missed approach and try another approach, hold for the weather to improve or divert to an alternate field nearby with better weather.

Sounds like this crew was quite a distance away from the field when they hit the ground. Nothing here in this report makes any sense. Did the crew try to get below the overcast and strike an obstacle? Did the crew miss-set the altimeter and go too low inadvertently? Did the crew set in the incorrect navigation radios and wind up somewhere other than their planned approach route?

There are so many questions that should be asked immediately but to wait 1-2 years to hear the answers seems to most people a very long time and somewhat counter intuitive for a safety investigation.

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  1. Paul Miller says:

    A question of aging aircraft has been raised. But why? If every old aircraft being flown was at fault, there would be alot of old aircraft crashing and never any new aircraft crashing. But that is not the case. Plenty of brand new aircraft crash and plenty of old aircraft continue to fly safely.

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