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Aviation Mishap Investigations: Other Conclusions

One of the subjects of this blog will be Major Commercial Aviation Mishap Investigations and others and alternative analyses, conclusions and recommendations that could be reached. The sole purpose of seeking and reaching these alternative analyses, conclusions and recommendations is to improve commercial aviation safety closer toward the point that it is mishap free.
Investigations can give us an insight into a mechanical chain of events. NTSB and other major mishap investigations often accomplish this goal. Yet investigations can also give us insight into human thinking, human nature and human factors. Human factors is just another expression for the human condition, and since mishaps are the subject, the part of the human condition most often observed is that of “human error.” This further, perhaps deeper insight might give us a window into ways to prevent mishaps from ever reoccurring.

It may be possible to reexamine the facts of major aviation mishap disasters for the purpose of drawing conclusions which would lead to recommendations which could make aviation closer to being mishap free than it is today. This may seem a daunting task, taking into account the complexities of aviation disasters. This may seem an unreachable task, taking into account all of the very talented people who even today pursue aviation mishap investigations formally for the NTSB and other groups. This may seem a redundant task considering the wide range of party status granted by the NTSB to interested groups.

But it may be possible that new analysis, conclusions and recommendations can be reached, though however daunting the task.

Essentially, that is the purpose of this blog. The free expression of ideas may lead the commercial aviation community towards a safer future.