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Feb 20 2021 Denver United B-777 Pratt and Whitney PW-4000 Turbo Jet Fan Section Engine Failure: FAA Safety Failure as Well? This WAS NOT The First PW-4000 Fan Failure

The Safety Purpose is to prevent dangerous events from reoccurring by eliminating the hazard(s) that caused the initial mishap. But does it appear that the FAA regulators have once again failed at the Safety Purpose?

Denver United B-777 with engine failure appears to have been powered by the Pratt and Whitney PW-4000 high bypass ration turbofan engine.

In Dec 2020 a Japan Airline B-777 powered by PW-4000 turbo fan engines suffered a similar engine failure. It too was also able to land safely.

See this file video of a United B-777 powered by the PW-4000 engine taking off:

From Pratt and Whitney, information on the PW-4000 high bypass ratio turbo fan engine originally built in mid 1980s: