Captain Paul Miller in cockpit
Captain Paul Miller, Night Flight

Captain Paul Miller has developed a unique approach to Aviation Safety, a procedure for forecasting safety hazards, hazards that will negatively impact commercial flight operations. From this totally unique and very powerful forecast, he is then able to recommend a unique and powerful safety plan, and a proven plan of intervention that will reduce losses of people and property to near zero levels. No one else uses the Miller Forecast and Safety Plan Procedure.  No one else has ever achieved these superior results of driving the mishap rate virtually towards zero.  Driving the mishap rate towards zero, doing so in a short time and keeping it there day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year is an extremely powerful financial advantage and an unbelievable positive morale boost to any company.  Your business will rapidly transition to prosperity by elimination of business losses and legal headaches due to mishaps. No one else has this unique forecast and plan procedure. This procedure will enable your company to prosper by avoiding loss. Make your business a great place to work by making it a safe place to work.  Invite Paul Miller to a free visit to your business. Try his safety forecast and plan and you will see for yourself how much better and safer your business can be.

Paul Miller flew for 43 years as an international captain with a major global commercial airline and as a US Naval Aviator aircraft carrier based strike and logistics pilot, beginning as a private pilot. In pursuing his goal of flight operations with zero mishaps, he has served in his pilot association safety committee and on the joint safety forum of the pilot association and the airline. His airline was among the most safe globally. He helped to compose the first rough draft of the FAA Advisory Circular on the joint FAA, airline and pilot association aviation safety action partnership (ASAP). He served on the Domestic Reduced Vertical Spacing Procedure (DRVSM)  committee. He served as a safety program manager in the US Navy at two major air installations and a carrier based passenger and logistics squadron and flew in a naval attack-strike squadron. He has served on the European Advisory Committee, Flight Safety Foundation for more than a decade. He has presented papers on safety forecasting and planning, response based safety programs and safety program management. He holds a bachelor degree in metallurgical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an associates degree in Humanities from Saint Leo University and has studied the Master of Business Administration curriculum at The College of William and Mary and University of West Florida.


Captain David Williams
Captain David Williams preparing a safety briefing.

Captain David Williams served as an FAA designated check airman at a regional airline and as a line and training captain. He served as an aircraft mishap board member and as a pilot association safety representative. A US Navy career veteran from the maritime and antisubmarine patrol community, he served in numerous capacities in training, flight instruction and standards, including as a fleet pilot evaluator and check airman. His achievements have always been training with a particular individual’s characteristics in mind so that the pilot group as a whole is standardized and competent. He holds a degree in science. Captain Williams is one of the foremost authorities in flight crew training.