Airlines Lobbying usurp Citizens Rights of Pilots in Latest FAA Ruling

Cargo Carriers Lawyers and the Power of Dollars Overcomes Cargo Pilots Safety Rights of One Man One Vote. Fatigue, the greatest Human Factors problem in commercial aviation, was introduced back into the recipe of severe hazards by the work of lobbying lawyers working for the US cargo carrier industry. US Transportation officials chose to succumbContinue reading “Airlines Lobbying usurp Citizens Rights of Pilots in Latest FAA Ruling”

Six Rules for Failure?

Here are unspoken managerial safety problems. I call them: “Miller’s Six Rules to Fail-While-Complying” 1. Many companies are run by managers who do not know their own industry well. In commercial many managers are not line pilots. Many managers do not come from the ranks of the company’s own line holders. 2. They will actContinue reading “Six Rules for Failure?”

Understanding Risk, Hazards and Mishap Prevention

It is critical to understand the terms risk and hazard. A hazard is a something that causes danger such as an incomplete or outdated procedure, an object such as a equipment, a malfunction or a human factor. The hazard is real, it is perceivable and most of all discoverable BEFORE any mishap, accident or incidentContinue reading “Understanding Risk, Hazards and Mishap Prevention”

Which costs more, a safe operation or an accident?

Many of the blog readers have wondered, “How cost effective is a good safety program?” So, let’s look at some well known accidents to see first of all how much they cost? Comair at Lexington will run about $700 million when it is all done. Colgan Air at Buffalo will run about $500-650 million whenContinue reading “Which costs more, a safe operation or an accident?”

Can Safety Be Done by One Manager?

Can Safety Be Done by One Manager?   I would add, that Safety is not a job that can be done by one. In fact at my pilot association we had 14 committees that dealt with some portion of the safety pie, yes 14! And we were not the company, we were just the pilotContinue reading “Can Safety Be Done by One Manager?”

Working Jointly as a Safety Manager: How does that work?

So now you are probably asking, “Okay, how do I get 14 pilot association committees to work with me, the airline safety manager?” I am so glad that you asked!!! The key to success here is by working Jointly with the pilot association. What is that? Your airline does not have a pilot association? Hmmm,Continue reading “Working Jointly as a Safety Manager: How does that work?”

Wind Rain and Slick Runways

Once again the winter cold water season approaches and I wonder how many airlines are training their pilots to recognize the safety hazard of a runway which is not grooved, combined with wind across the runway and water making the runway slick? “Slick” is not an engineering term, but the word describes well the lossContinue reading “Wind Rain and Slick Runways”

European Aviation Safety Seminar 2010

Can Commercial Airlines Achieve ‘One Level of Safety’By Embarking on a Program of ‘One Level of Training’: What is the Relationship BetweenTraining and Safety in Commercial Air Operations? Captain Paul Miller and Captain Dave Williams Abstract: The paper looks at the relationship between training and safety at a major global airline and finds several importantContinue reading “European Aviation Safety Seminar 2010”