Safety is Local

Why is being local an important aspect of any safety program? The answer is quite simple: the owner of an asset has the most vested interest in preserving the assets by a safety program. Government and other organizations do have safety programs and they are important to aviation, especially commercial aviation. But the local programContinue reading “Safety is Local”

Air France 447, Airbus 330, Rio to Paris 1 June

First Published 1 June, but inadvertently deleted. It has been edited and re-posted today along with the accompanying comments. Thanx. Paul Miller The Weather Channel displayed an inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) satellite shot of the area at the time of AF447 passage through the area. The Sat shot showed large areas of high cloud tops.Continue reading “Air France 447, Airbus 330, Rio to Paris 1 June”

Expensive Investigation? Better Operating Alternatives?

What are the costs now being incurred by Brazil, France, Air France, Airbus and all other parties to the AF447 disaster? Ever thought of that? My estimation is that more than $500 million will be spent in the next 2-3 years in operations related to this mishap. I wonder what would be the costs forContinue reading “Expensive Investigation? Better Operating Alternatives?”

Safety Riddle

Safety Riddle: Does the mishap cause the hazard to occur or does the hazard cause the mishap to occur? According to the FAA, Congress and airline transport associations safety experts, every thing is fine, until every thing is not fine. Read this case below: Crash Puts Focus on Air Safety-Senate Panel Plans Further Hearings (WashingtonContinue reading “Safety Riddle”


Well Paul, a worthy initiative for sure. At least you got me curious, particularly about how we are going to get to a useful forecast. And also about how we will get investments in effort (and perhaps even money) going in anticipation of future threats. (This is a bit of an Achilles-heel for initiatives suchContinue reading “Challenges”