Your partners in flight safety

Captain David Williams and Captain Paul Miller at recent safety seminar.
Captain David Williams and Captain Paul Miller at recent safety seminar.

Accident prevention reduces operating costs and maintains high morale. Forecast your safety challenges and formulate a safety plan of action to resolve them before they do harm. “A stitch in time, saves nine,” as Ben Franklin said. At Safety Forecast we believe that safety is good business.  Safety Forecasts and Plans will be good for your business. Contact us today.

Captain Paul Miller & Associates  empower leadership throughout your organization to find and identify safety hazards that will bring your operation to a stand still. You do not want to have an accident, a mishap, an incident or even and event, do you? We will help members of your own organization keep you operations mishap-free by using our unique and powerful Safety Forecast and Plan. We offer a complete safety planning service, something no one else in the industry does for you. We review of your aviation safety program, policy, procedures, practices and create a very detailed Forecast and clear Plan of action for you to follow. You could be enjoying the benefits of a mishap free operation right away. Why not contact us for more information. We are here to help you.

Our internationally experienced safety professionals are available to assist you worldwide. “Have Safety, Will Travel” is our policy! If you need us to come to you, we will be happy to visit and assist you in your home offices.

We  also provide Human Factors specific training and procedures training that could lead to a substantial improvement in your operational performance.  All of the mistakes that lead to mishaps are created by us humans. But we have plans that can help you overcome human factors and be successful without suffering losses.

People are your most important business asset, the keys to unlock a successful future for your business. In the business of flight operations, safety is success. Our plan includes empowering your own people to be personally involved in leading the safety program from their own area of responsibility.

Our safety services are available worldwide, around the clock. Let us be your guide to an accident free and successful business future. We support the senior leadership by advising on safety policy formation.  We support the organization by supporting the bottom line through Accident Prevention. Prevention will keep a company successful into the future by reducing both financial and human casualty burdens. We can help you to investigate safety incidents and  prevent further incidents. We assist safety managers by showing them how to forecast changes in their own safety challenges and formulate plans to meet those specific challenges. This is unique and no one else does this service for you.

As an executive you have vital daily concerns to consider. You have to be the one who determines, “What is Important,” for your organization.   The safety of your flight operations should important. Safety Forecasts and Plans can hep you determine what is important.

Ever have to consider who is flying the executive board around or have to consider the weather or the destination? Eliminate the concerns and the questions. We provide a complete bottom to top review of your safety program, which will help you  to eliminate the most frequent fatal errors that result in mishaps.

Do not endanger your corporate board, your company image, or your company’s future with ineffective “paper shell” programs that leave holes in the safety of your ground or flight operations. Eliminate common operational and judgment errors with your own  custom-tailored safety program that works. Our methods are proven and effective. Your company’s safety is our business. You will do better from the very beginning of working with a Safety Forecast and Plan.