Safety Forecasting and Planning

Our approach is unique. Nobody does what we do. No other company offers the services that we offer. No other company can add value to your company in the same manner that Safety Forecast can.

We create a safety forecast for your organization that redefines the hazards to people and property. From this safety forecast we create a safety plan to address the hazards. These two simple but powerful tools enable you to quickly drive accident rates down towards zero. No other service offers this capability. No one else teaches you how to use your own information to your advantage. Everything that you need for safety success, you most likely already have at hand locally. We will merely teach you how to use our tools to create a new product for your own benefit and to do so locally. The safety plan shows you how to adjust your safety policy and from your new policy, improve your safety procedures to operate your organization mishap free. It works and it works right away and it works extremely effectively to make your organization safer! In addition you will be surprised at how well it works on the bottom line. Yes, that is right, operating safely is actually very much supportive of operating profits. Imagine how much money your company wastes each year to damage and injury? Now, imagine being able to stop that waste and bring those dollars to the operating profit bottom line? Sounds like a great idea, right?

We emphasize the communication methodology of “Communications With Your People” and “Communications For Your People.” This communications method will connect the imagination of your people with the successful future of your business in the competitive  marketplace. In the formation of safety policy, communications leads to success. Connect your safety policy to your people for a successful business future. Doing so will give your company the competitive edge in business and keep your company profitable any business environment.

Corporate Safety Policy Formation


Captain Paul Miller originated the Safety Forecast and the Safety Plan


  • Unique Safety Forecasting and Safety Planning for your airline operation
  • Flight Operations and Safety Enhancing the Bottom Line
  • Dispatch & Meteorology Improving Passenger Comfort
  • Ramp & Maintenance, often the underserved in Safety Policy
  • Industry Safety Agent and Advocacy at the Highest Levels

Flight Safety Communications Programs

  • Pilot Safety Education
  • Rapid Response Notification
  • Safety Agency and Advocacy

Flight Operations Safety Programs

  • Employee Safety Hazard Reporting
  • Employer Hazard Management & Resolution
  • Industry Flight Ops Safety Agency  and Advocacy

Flight Safety Training Programs

Captain David Williams

Captain David Williams preparing a safety training brief

  • Regulatory Training, plus many other programs
  • In Service & Update Training
  • Specialty & Rare Use Training
  • Review & Preparation Training
  • Tailored Retraining for individual crew members