Go Arounds, Missed Approaches and variations?

I would like to suggest that each reader spend a few minutes thinking about how many different procedures that their airline or aviation organization has for conducting a missed approach and/or a go around.

Your first reaction might be “Just one.” But take another minute and consider the variations. Each aircraft type has a slightly different set of procedures. How about the case when an engine is inop? What if the weather is IMC and tower is using IFR procedures in the ATA?
What if the weather is VMC and tower is using VFR procedures in the ATA? How about the case of the flight executing a cleared IFR approach procedure, but when handed off to tower, the clearance reads, “Cleared for a visual approach to land?”
What if the terrain for the runway in use dictates immediate maneuvers, the weather is IMC and tower assumed that you would have broken out and is taken by surprise that you are going around and a large thunder storm is in the missed approach path?
Does your training program give line pilots training and sufficient sim practice to be superbly proficient in all types of MA/GA’s?

What if the weather is so bad that the airframe is icing up with mixed clear and rime during the last 1000 feet and the previous aircraft has not cleared the runway and now tower orders a GA? Has the crew practiced and become proficient in this scenario?

I hope that each reader considers all of the variations on MA and GA for a while and feels free to post a comment on this subject.
Thanks and more to follow on this subject.

Published by Capt. Paul Miller

Aviation safety expert with 43 years in the sky

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