Grim Safety Forecast for Air France

The recommendation is contained in the latest BEA accident report investigating the loss of the Air France Flight 447, a document that outlines 10 new safety recommendations, including improved pilot stall-awareness training, the inclusion of cockpit cameras, and adding angle-of-attack readouts in the cockpit.
But it’s the inclusion of a call for mandatory data streaming technology that is sure to raise the biggest objections with airlines, who will have to pay for it.

This is a grim future for Air France if these are the BEA’s main plan to prevent this event from reoccurring.
I can agree with the angle of attack recommendation. I can agree with the stall awareness training.
But did not having the cameras cause the mishap? Of course not; this is just someone trying to get the camera in the cockpit nnd using thes dead people to do it.
Did not having data streaming from the acft cause the mishap? No, in fact it was not having weather data streaming TO THE AIRCRAFT that was in great part responsible for the mishap.

So, it is my opinion that AF will have a string of these mishaps, more of the same!

Published by Capt. Paul Miller

Aviation safety expert with 43 years in the sky

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