Yak 42 Mishap, Sept 2011, Hockey Team Loss

Really it is the experience of the commercial aviation industry about which I speak.
Airline operations today should be safe so that mishaps are a rarity, when in fact, not only do we see continued commercial aviation mishaps continuing unabated, but we see mishaps that are 100% preventable.
Safety is being absurdly left behind in virtually every investigation for the purpose of blaming a party and seeking damages.
The concept of prevention today is about as foreign to most managers as east is from west. And yet, when a mishap occurs, there are expressions of incredulity that belie the understanding of hundreds of years of tort law.
BEA’s investigation of AF 447 is an example of that, but I digress.
Name me one fact or idea in the September Yak 42 mishap report that was either not already known, or should have been known?
Pilots should be trained in the aircraft that they are flying? What? We didn’t already know that? Managers should keep correct records and maintain certified training? What? Is that a new idea? Customers should be protected by a layer of aviation safety regulatory bureaucracy? What, is that something new?

What occurred that was not already known to be a problem, prior to starting engines? How can we move forward as a commercial  industry, when so many want to move backwards?  Is this the Unregulated Three Step Dance, one step forward, two steps back?

Published by Capt. Paul Miller

Aviation safety expert with 43 years in the sky

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