1. Air France Flight Control Dispatcher in Paris should have been monitoring AF 447. Flight Control should have been monitoring all hazards impacting the flight such as severe convective weather and rerouted AF 447 around the hazard. A. Scheduled passenger airlines that operate under both US and European regulations control all flight operations from aContinue reading “AF447”

Safety Forecasting?

Every field prepares and presents regular forecasts. The most common example of course is the daily weather forecast. We can make an activity plan for our day based on the weather forecast. But other f0recasts are equally important to us. Who doesn’t listen to the sports forecast for the baseball or football season? Who doesn’tContinue reading “Safety Forecasting?”

Safety Forecasting and Planning

Safety Managers need an annual safety plan. How else can a safety manager stay ahead of problems affecting operational safety? But a plan must have its basis in a forecast of things to come. But how can a safety manager forecast safety problems if they have not occurred? This is the purpose of this blog.Continue reading “Safety Forecasting and Planning”

Safety Plans

Safety Plans are based on Safety Forecasts. Safety Forecasts look both backward in time and forward in time. A Safety Forecast looks backward at what has happened and what is currently happening. Then it looks forward in time at what probably will happen. The element of probability often is a calculation with some difficulty. ButContinue reading “Safety Plans”