Air Asia 8501 Crash: Cause is No Mystery-Thunderstorms Can Kill

In the 1931 novel “Night Flight” by Saint-Exupéry, we learn that even intrepid pioneering aviation heroes in the end are not match for thunderstorms in Patagonia.  We find out that thunderstorms can and will kill. We loose the wonderful hero of this timeless novel, a story of some of the earliest commercial night mail pilots.Continue reading “Air Asia 8501 Crash: Cause is No Mystery-Thunderstorms Can Kill”

Safety Forecasts More AF Mishaps

Safety Forecasts and Plans has determined that since AF has devoted so many resources towards trying to prove that they were not legally at fault for the deaths of their AF 447 passengers, that AF has not devoted sufficient resources to preventing future mishaps of all kinds, and therefor should plan on more mishaps forContinue reading “Safety Forecasts More AF Mishaps”

AF 447, Safety Forecasting and Planning

Did the AF dispatch office fail to fulfill their duty to look at satellite data? Did AF flight ops management have a procedure to get the information about recent bad weather enroute passed to transoceanic flight crews, especially those transiting the tropical convergence zone? When you who are safety managers look at these questions, doContinue reading “AF 447, Safety Forecasting and Planning”