More Questions Asked by Flight Crew Members Regarding AF 447

More questions have been raised by fellow safety minded pilots regarding AF Flight 447. Here are several: 1. Why were they flying through that nasty convective weather? 2. Why did the captain leave the cockpit just prior to the flight’s arrival to this area? With respect to the questions asked, here is my take. 1.Continue reading “More Questions Asked by Flight Crew Members Regarding AF 447”

Air India, Mangalore 22 May 2010, Mishap

All: Does it appear that this operator and the regulator are “coming to the safety party too late? Are they trying to close the corral gate after the horses have already escaped from the barnyard?” Is this “investigation” going to relearn of all of the lessons already learned by others? Would this investigation be categorizedContinue reading “Air India, Mangalore 22 May 2010, Mishap”