New Ideas on AF 447 Stall Recognition & Stall Recovery Procedures

AF-447 Stall Recognition: Were the Air France 447 Airbus 300-200 flight crew members trained in stall recognition by: A) Angle of Attack (AoA) based stall warning alarm system or B) Loss in altitude, as displayed on the altimeter, due to loss of lift? C) Both A and B D) Neither A nor B? 1. AContinue reading “New Ideas on AF 447 Stall Recognition & Stall Recovery Procedures”

Ethiopian Airlines 409: Lebanese Investigation Incomplete?

In my opinion, there can be no worse outcome of an aircraft disaster than to read two years later an incomplete aviation mishap investigation report. Remembering that the sole purpose of a Safety-based aircraft accident investigation report is find the cause of the mishap, so that others can prevent this same mishap from happening again,Continue reading “Ethiopian Airlines 409: Lebanese Investigation Incomplete?”