AF 447 and AF Global Operations Center: Is there a Connection?

Airline Dispatch Office at the airline global operations center has current satellite imagery in real time of weather along the route of all flights.

I wonder if any manager at the home office has yet been able to put two and two together and say, “Ah HA!! So that is why we have all of these fantastic latest scientifically correct current actual satellite pictures from space, displayed in real time right in front of us on television screens.”

“I think it is so that if we see something dangerous out ahead of one of OUR flights, we can use these radios and other real-time telemetry data channels sitting here in the console right below the television screens to communicate with OUR captain of OUR flight to warn him or her of the danger, such as an area of 60,000ft to 70,000ft thunderstorms in their course ahead and recommend a safe course of action. Am I right or what?”


Actually in some cases, the display is on current LED screens and the communications function is fully integrated into the LED screen.

Is the airline dispatcher and the valuable weather information available at their finger tips being overlooked in the typical rush to find “pilot error?”

Published by Capt. Paul Miller

Aviation safety expert with 43 years in the sky

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