Just Culture Arguments

Advocating for a Just Culture, without referencing the logic of a larger safety, legal and administrative contextual framework can take on the appearance of advocating for an exemption to all the laws of all the nations that have developed over all time with respect to one party doing harm to another party. For example, let’sContinue reading “Just Culture Arguments”

More on AF 447 LOC: Stability, Vg/Vn Diagram and Recovery

There is another very important aerodynamic engineering issue that needs to be discussed when Loss of Control is the subject, and that is Stability, as it relates to high angle of attack flight. Transport category aircraft may not have the same “forgiving” stability as training aircraft, when it comes to bringing the aircraft back intoContinue reading “More on AF 447 LOC: Stability, Vg/Vn Diagram and Recovery”

AF 447 and AF Global Operations Center: Is there a Connection?

Airline Dispatch Office at the airline global operations center has current satellite imagery in real time of weather along the route of all flights. I wonder if any manager at the home office has yet been able to put two and two together and say, “Ah HA!! So that is why we have all ofContinue reading “AF 447 and AF Global Operations Center: Is there a Connection?”

AF447 Pitot Tubes Issue

1. For many commercial aircraft, there is an emergency procedure for when pitot static based flight instruments become inoperable. Pitot static based flight instruments include airspeed indications, altimeters and rate of climb instruments. 2. The scenarios encountered that might render these systems inoperative include a blocked pitot tube or a blocked static port. A. InContinue reading “AF447 Pitot Tubes Issue”