AF447 Pitot Tubes Issue

1. For many commercial aircraft, there is an emergency procedure for when pitot static based flight instruments become inoperable. Pitot static based flight instruments include airspeed indications, altimeters and rate of climb instruments. 2. The scenarios encountered that might render these systems inoperative include a blocked pitot tube or a blocked static port. A. InContinue reading “AF447 Pitot Tubes Issue”


1. Air France Flight Control Dispatcher in Paris should have been monitoring AF 447. Flight Control should have been monitoring all hazards impacting the flight such as severe convective weather and rerouted AF 447 around the hazard. A. Scheduled passenger airlines that operate under both US and European regulations control all flight operations from aContinue reading “AF447”

AF447: What will they find in Black Boxes?

Could new attempts to raise black boxes by investigators of the AF447 disaster be nothing more than attempts to exonerate all responsible parties? Has Airbus, Air France, the FAA or any other manufacturer or regulator conducted testing inside 70,000 ft thunderstorms? Have French officials, Air France, Airbus or the FAA been able to explain whyContinue reading “AF447: What will they find in Black Boxes?”

Air India, Mangalore 22 May 2010, Mishap

All: Does it appear that this operator and the regulator are “coming to the safety party too late? Are they trying to close the corral gate after the horses have already escaped from the barnyard?” Is this “investigation” going to relearn of all of the lessons already learned by others? Would this investigation be categorizedContinue reading “Air India, Mangalore 22 May 2010, Mishap”

Safety Riddle

Safety Riddle: Does the mishap cause the hazard to occur or does the hazard cause the mishap to occur? According to the FAA, Congress and airline transport associations safety experts, every thing is fine, until every thing is not fine. Read this case below: Crash Puts Focus on Air Safety-Senate Panel Plans Further Hearings (WashingtonContinue reading “Safety Riddle”

Commercial Airline Board Mishap Investigations: Are There Other Conclusions from which We Can Learn and Improve the Commercial Safety Record?

One of the subjects of this blog is Major Commercial Airline Board Mishap Investigations, One of the objects of this blog is to seek alternative analyses, conclusions and recommendations that could be reached. The sole purpose of seeking and reaching these alternative analyses, conclusions and recommendations is to improve commercial aviation safety, for the purposeContinue reading “Commercial Airline Board Mishap Investigations: Are There Other Conclusions from which We Can Learn and Improve the Commercial Safety Record?”