More on AF 447 LOC: Stability, Vg/Vn Diagram and Recovery

There is another very important aerodynamic engineering issue that needs to be discussed when Loss of Control is the subject, and that is Stability, as it relates to high angle of attack flight. Transport category aircraft may not have the same “forgiving” stability as training aircraft, when it comes to bringing the aircraft back intoContinue reading “More on AF 447 LOC: Stability, Vg/Vn Diagram and Recovery”

AF 447: High Altitude Stall or Swept Wing Stall? Did the Mishap Investigation Boards Make a Fundamental Aerodynamic Error?

The mishap investigation boards have given a less than aerodynamically correct presentation of “high altitude stalls” in the 2009 Loss of Control LOC mishap investigation of AF 447 and the  2005 Loss of Control LOC mishap in Venezuela of a West Caribbean Colombian MD82. The result is that these mishap investigation reports are not puttingContinue reading “AF 447: High Altitude Stall or Swept Wing Stall? Did the Mishap Investigation Boards Make a Fundamental Aerodynamic Error?”

Ethiopian Airlines 409: Lebanese Investigation Incomplete?

In my opinion, there can be no worse outcome of an aircraft disaster than to read two years later an incomplete aviation mishap investigation report. Remembering that the sole purpose of a Safety-based aircraft accident investigation report is find the cause of the mishap, so that others can prevent this same mishap from happening again,Continue reading “Ethiopian Airlines 409: Lebanese Investigation Incomplete?”

The Growing Threat of Criminalization in Commercial Aviation Disasters

 Should criminalization be opposed by safety advocates and organizations? What has the ICAO Annex 13 given commercial aviation safety through the ICAO CAA  investigative process? What is the tradition of law in Western civilization? Is it seeking recompense and legal remedies for injury, death, property damage, property destruction, the expenses of treating mass casualties andContinue reading “The Growing Threat of Criminalization in Commercial Aviation Disasters”

Yak 42 Mishap, Sept 2011, Hockey Team Loss

Really it is the experience of the commercial aviation industry about which I speak. Airline operations today should be safe so that mishaps are a rarity, when in fact, not only do we see continued commercial aviation mishaps continuing unabated, but we see mishaps that are 100% preventable. Safety is being absurdly left behind inContinue reading “Yak 42 Mishap, Sept 2011, Hockey Team Loss”

More Questions Asked by Flight Crew Members Regarding AF 447

More questions have been raised by fellow safety minded pilots regarding AF Flight 447. Here are several: 1. Why were they flying through that nasty convective weather? 2. Why did the captain leave the cockpit just prior to the flight’s arrival to this area? With respect to the questions asked, here is my take. 1.Continue reading “More Questions Asked by Flight Crew Members Regarding AF 447”

Air France 447 and Jean-Pierre Otelli, “Piloting Error, Volume 5”

Heard about the book today.  Jean-Pierre Otelli  who specializes in aviation safety, publishes his book “Piloting Error, Volume 5” today. But in my opinion, he only re-analyses the facts collected in BEA’s report.  I believe that the BEA’s report is seriously flawed and the book adds little to mishap prevention. Would you like proof thatContinue reading “Air France 447 and Jean-Pierre Otelli, “Piloting Error, Volume 5””

AF 447 Investigation Missed Many Important Facts

The key to success in any investigation, in my opinion, is to be right, to be correct with your analysis of the facts and testimonies collected. You have to be correct and logical with your conclusions and you have to make recommendations, recommended corrective actions based solely on the conclusions. I would say that somewhereContinue reading “AF 447 Investigation Missed Many Important Facts”

Safety Managers Must Be Good Listeners

Safety managers must be good listeners. It has been my experience that few if any reports from people participating in safety suggestions are actually “trivial.” My experience is actually just the opposite. My experience is that everyone who came to my office to make a report had an important idea to share or an importantContinue reading “Safety Managers Must Be Good Listeners”

How Good is your Ability to Observe?

A person I knew stated,  “We learn on how to prevent mishaps by deriving from the investigations stemming from mishaps.” I agree that we learn by observing the mistakes that are made. That being said, I would add that we actually have a more superior ability to observe these mistakes as they are made onContinue reading “How Good is your Ability to Observe?”